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I was doing like five and a half plates for four, five reps at 20 years old. I've actually been, I don't want to say scrutinized, but questioned often about the amount of volume I do in my workouts.

And last time you and I talked, we talked about how you don't really take credit for having invented any of this. Nude pics of trisha. Julian smith naked. It works for me. That worked for him. Everything is HIIT with a 5x5 workout, or anso you're dipping down into the low reps, and then the following week when I hit chest again, it's gonna be four sets of eight with four-second negatives.

Stuff like that makes a very big difference. Like a bicep curl, yeah. You can find studies. No, it's actually really rare that I squat first.

The people that love the super-veined crazy vascular look is so tiny. Normally, when people are done with their workout, they leave. Sexy girls shaking their butts. What about when Tom Platz used to squat 50 reps? That seems that's a sustainable approach. You know what I like about those guys? Ooh, Heatherectus Femoris, I like that.

In that picture, I wasI think I was like, somewhere, when I graduated from high school. Thank you very much. And that's the thing that I wanted to like kind of portray or like show everybody that once you find like how the body does things, like a bicep curl is very simple, you lower your arm and you raise it.

I will say that because I actually have like an Excel spreadsheet on my phone, and it has my proteins, carbs, my fats, and when I eat something and I can track it, let's say you eat a bag of potato chips or you eat like one of those Honey Bunches of Oats things, little bars or something, anything that's got a scan on the back, find out how much you ate and just type it in this thing, and then track what you're doing.

As I kind of indicated, one reason we are excited to have you on here is because you're not just a bodybuilder. You live in Portland, right? It's the deadlift, right? We'll head down to the river, my girlfriend's son and I will be like just blow our arms out and see who can hit the log first with the rock, and she's like "That's my thing". I promise I'll always wear my clothes. All they think about is eight to 12 reps, no matter what.

I can't go out to eat.

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I have people ask all the time what are macros. Bouncing tits braless. The way that I think about… A lot of people just think about getting the exercise up.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about it, awesome. I put the bars up enough that I can fail bring it down for one last, knowing I won't be able to get back up, and set it down on the pins. I've actually been, I don't want to say scrutinized, but questioned often about the amount of volume I do in my workouts.

You should track if you're trying to hit your goal, and when you get a good grasp on everything, you can be a little more lenient.

I think they're impressive, but I think it's impressive because of the stigma of guys don't train legs. It just became very apparent that I'd look at old school ways to do it because it just clicked to me through all the research that I did, the old school guys didn't have half the stuff that's available now.

For as precise as you are, that's a very kind of "go with the flow" way of approaching it. Julian smith naked. This is like prior to mustache singlet. It's just gonna completely- Julian Smith: What's the easiest way? It's very tiny even in the fitness world, so when I was dieting down for my show this last year, Men's Health approached me for some online footage and stuff. I feel like it's easy to say 'rising' cause you've gone up like a hundred thousand followers on Instagram in the last hours I've been stalking you.

You dive into Platz and you just think to yourself "Wonder what guys looked like in the '90s, or the s", and you're like "Oh crap, they're still huge. Naked white girls having sex. I only get naked in my shower behind closed doors. There's always a way to make it work. Nowadays, if I went into a gym and just started squeezing my body as hard as possible, people would be like "That dude is the biggest idiot ever".

I have a full-time job outside of this, and I usually train about seven, or six or so in the morning, and I have all my captions, all my videos and everything filmed before I even leave the gym, so when I go to work throughout the day, all I have to do is upload them and they're done. It's getting kinda steamy in here! Was that because you're doing these kind of different movements in the machine that wasn't necessarily designed for that? Kind of got in the spirit of being in the Bodybuilding.

I want to switch things up all the time.

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I'll be heading down to the river. Or they just fall apart if they just go off their macros. But if you go in there and you do pound dumbbells and then drop set to 95s, then 90, then 80, then 85, then 75, you know, all the way down to 50s, your body didn't know that was coming, and it's gonna shock the hell out of it.

But there's a real use here. Your body's at a full, vulnerable position to finally take on that weight, it's completely fatigued and you're robbing it of that last negative rep. You live in Portland, right? You can't beat the basics.


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