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Originally posted by Michael:. Liberosis par Veronica Guzman 3. Naked ambition sex. They're done, she knows it. Chloe price lesbian. Chloe lets out a low-pitched moan, and Max quavers, backing away and leaning their foreheads together, looking each other in the eyes with much intensity.

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You are not allowed to request a sticky. Closer Amberprice FF par jesuseatsreika 20 5. As for Max, we know she really isn't interested in Warren, regardless of whether or not she's attracted to guys The only entry in Max's nightmare journal features a drawing of a butterfly with Chloe's head, further foreshadowing the final choice.

Chloe is also associated with the color red. Truck - Despite not having a driver's license, Chloe drives an old brown pick-up truck, which is overdrawn with stickers. Milf natural pics. She is still a punk at heart, visiting websites for local rock shows and looking at magazines related to punk music and style. This could be symbolic of the end to Chloe's emotional suffering after her death, and possibly the end of her physical suffering in the alternative timeline.

More topics from this board The bluenette hesitates for a second, but takes her chance. Max succeeds in saving Chloe, and she flees the bathroom. Chloe texts Frank that she has his money and Frank replies he wants to meet right now near his RV. It's clear that she hangs out there a lot. She may have changed her background picture from Rachel to Max. Jefferson in "Dark Room", shooting herself determinantly on the junkyard in "Out of Time"; or maybe without the determinant shot, but the second time we see her getting shot is in the bathroom in the Sacrifice Chloe ending in "Polarized".

It also is a Biblical name mentioned in the New Testament. Chloe sits on the hood of a car, waiting for her friend to recover enough to have her turn at shooting. Although Chloe comes off as a bitch, she really does have empathy. They separate their mouths fully this time, and she furrows her brows in a way that says "I have a problem that you need to deal with.

This Chloe doesn't blame anyone for her condition, even though she had the right. But whichever decision Max would make, Chloe would be cool either way, as she knows Max would make the right decision. Lesbian milf sleepover. They could be attracted to specific girls like Chloe to Rachel or Max.

Chloe will drop Max at Blackwell Academy without even looking at Max or waving goodbye to her which is a large contrast to Chloe dropping Max at Blackwell Academy earlier in Episode 2. Mark Jefferson and Nathan were eventually arrested and questioned for their role in the deaths of Chloe and Rachel Amber.

Oh," Is all that Chloe can reply, the temperature of her room seeming to raise by at least one degree in that very moment.

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Deck Nine Games Facebook Twitter. Hearing Max's warning Chloe turns around and expresses shock at the culprit which turns out to be Mr.

This would be a dare that she could use as leverage. Want to fuck a milf. Most of her shirts contain skulls, as does her vibrant tattoo. This is highly associated with Chloe's personality. JackApostrophe JackApostrophe 8 months ago 3 I'm trying to be true to Chloe, but I'm working from the assumption that Chloe isn't quite as broken as she is in the original Life is Strange. I have no idea how to process seeing Chloe like this again.

Max lifts her head from Chloe's shoulder, looking at her face, grabbing it and bringing her to face her. Joyce mentions that Chloe probably has her entire college fund tied up in her diner tab. She feels bad for setting Max up like that, as if she'd manipulated her, even though she had good intentions. If Max doesn't answer Kate will feel more abandoned later on in the game if Max doesn't answer, but Chloe will be happy to escape the diner before her mother can start a fight between them.

Truck - Despite not having a driver's license, Chloe drives an old brown pick-up truck, which is overdrawn with stickers. Chloe price lesbian. Massive wet tits. Chloe isn't one to hesitate. Max slips the tip of her tongue past Chloe's lips when their lips separate, and when Chloe starts sucking on her tongue, she loses it.

And so came the moments of questioning the situation. Chloe is terrified by the fact that she had to kill a man and a dog. If Max answers If Max stops to answer the phone and comfort Kate, she will feel better about her situation at Blackwell and appreciate the support. The graffiti and belongings of the girls radiate around the hideaway, emphasizing how close they were.

Chloe is unhappy and contemplative for the rest of the episode. Her tattoo is filled with red ribbon-like designs.

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This could also be a hint to the theory that Chloe is actually meant to die, disregarding Max's constantly saving her. However, Chloe is fully aware of the situation, having heard the doctors discussing it while she was pretending to be asleep. How could you not be nervous? Blue-Jay is finally at peace with his death, appreciating the world of the dead only after he is finally gone. Kesha sexy nude. Their friendship was evidently strong, as Chloe reveals that the many Missing Person posters around the town of Arcadia Bay were put up by her in a bid to find Rachel.

I wasn't really nice with Chloe at all. She asks him to leave the house and head to a hotel. She also enjoys fluffy, cuddly toys, and has high-tech equipment for communicating online. The kiss was sloppy; nervousness got to the better of them, and their lips enveloped one another's rhythmically, teeth clanking amateurly. If Max stops Warren, Nathan picks up his gun again before he leaves to his room.


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